Welcome to The Indiana Collectors Association

The Indiana Collectors Association (ICA) is the state unit of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, ACA International. ICA is an assocation of credit and collection professionals in the State of Indiana. The purpose of the ICA is to:



Further and Promote the collection industry in the State of Indiana


Prescribe and enforce a code of conduct and ethics among it’s members. Serve as a collective voice of it’s members on legilsative and regulatory issues which impact the credit and collection industry.



Provide educational opportunities and services to promote the professional development of it’s members.



Assist members in meeting the challenges created by changing markets through leadership, direction, education and services.

Economic Impact of Third-Party Debt Collection

Third-Party Debt Collection is vital to America and Indiana’s Economies, serving the public, private and non-profit sectors.

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Indiana Collectors Association Award

“On behalf of ACA International’s Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to inform you the Indiana Collectors Association has earned a 2014 Unit Certificate of Excellence.

Congratulations to you and your unit colleagues on this achievement! It is because of the commitment to quality and member service in units like yours that together ICA and ACA are able to maintain their respected positions in the credit and collection industry.”

Debra Kildahl, CAE
Director of Membership

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